Membership Fees & Club Finance

The annual club membership subscription is set by the committee and membership fees are paid once a year to the club.


The membership fees cover the costs of running the club, including such things as property and ground maintenance, insurance, public liability insurance, rates, electricity, water, website, entry into national leagues, targets, club owned equipment, administration and stationary together with any other sundry costs.

Annual membership fees can be paid in a single payment or the cost can be spread over a period of time, however, all subscriptions must be paid by the due date.

In addition to the clubs annual subscription all members participating in .22 prone or .22 bench rest shooting are encouraged to become members of our sports governing body The N.S.R.A. (National Small-bore Rifle Association)

All members must pay a range fee when attending the club to shoot. This fee helps to off set what is considered to be a low annual subscription. Members wishing to take part in additional competitions other than the nationals must pay the appropriate fee for that competition. Travel costs to other ranges are the responsibility of the individual however when possible that cost is shared by members traveling together.

The club's treasurer reports to the committee once a month at committee meetings on the condition of the club finances and publishes a yearly statement at the AGM. No club member takes any form of wage or remuneration from the club funds. The club holds two bank accounts. One account for the running of the club and a separate account dedicated to the building of the new facilities this is known as The Range fund account this account is funded by donations, fund raising and grants given to the club.

Club Subscriptions run for a full year and start on 1st September. If you apply for membership afterward the start of the club year the fee will be pro rata.


2019-20 Fees are as follows:











Range fees all disciplines £3.00 per session


Annual membership to The N.S.R.A as charged by them.


Costs of entry into most leagues are covered by club subscriptions.



Seasonal membership of B.T.S.C. is open to firearms certificate holders who are members of other clubs.

The outdoor 50 metres & 100 yard ranges at Melbury are open to members from other clubs during the summer season.
Seasonal membership entitles you to use the ranges and all other facilities at The Melbury Ranges during normal range opening times.
Membership includes any targets and sighters used and entry into national and local leagues. Any other competition will be paid for by the individual.
B.T.S.C. will not supply equipment to seasonal members.
Seasonal members will shoot as members of Bideford Target Shooting Club in any league or competition.
Seasonal members must be available to shoot as part of a B.T.S.C. team in any league or competition if selected to do so.
Seasonal members must abide by B.T.S.C. safety standards and conduct themselves appropriately as members of Bideford Target Shooting Club Members.
Seasonal membership entitles you to participate in any extra activities that may be arranged by the club.
Seasonal membership does not give you any voting rights in club decisions.
The normal range fee of £3.00 is still payable at each visit to the club.

Seasonal membership fee is £71.00

Applications for seasonal membership may be made via the club secretary in person or by completing the application form online.


*The fee payable is dependant on your age as of the 1st September.

**Seasonal membership is for the summer season only provided you are already a member of another shooting club.

Full Membership



Youth Membership

Aged 15 - 21*


Junior Membership

Aged 14 and under*


Social Membership**