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The end of our summer shooting season was marked by The Kiernander Day

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

To bring the summer season to a close we hold The Kiernander Day on the first Saturday in October. Although this year saw a reduction in the number of entries, as we've seen throughout the year, those that did enter were rewarded for their excellent shooting in less than desirable conditions.

Winners and Medalist Front L-R Paul Batten, Amy Rudman, Jake Underwood, John Blaney, Kate Bastable. Second Row Centre L- R Pete Thomson, Charlie Morris

Paul Batten .22 Prone Straight Shoot, Amy Rudman .22 Prone Handicap, Jake Underwood 10m Air Pistol Handicap, John 'bullseye' Blaney .22 Benchrest, Kate Bastable Air Benchrest handicap. Pete Thomson runner up .22 Prone Straight Shoot & Charlie Morris Air Benchrest Straight Shoot.

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