Melbury Ranges, Bradworthy Road, Parkham, Bideford, North Devon EX39 5EP

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The best approach to shooting safely & accurately is correct and solid coaching

As a new shooter, to be accepted as a new member of the club you will firstly need to complete one of our comprehensive instruction courses. The courses are designed and run by long standing, highly proficient club marksmen recognised as Club standard or County standard Coaches & Instructors, Bideford Target Shooting Club has both Club and County standard coaches who are are assisted by enthusiastic & certified N.S.R.A. instructors.

The courses will give you more than just the skill to be able to shoot a gun at a target but give the knowledge and understanding behind the skills involved.

.22 prone & bench rest shooting.

Because of the live fire nature of .22 prone & bench rest shooting, it’s important that the club is satisfied that participants are competent and able to hit a target effectively at a distance of 25 yards with an air rifle before we allow you to take hold of a live fire rifle, therefore the first few lessons with us will be with the use of club air rifles. The instruction sessions always begin with a talk from the head coach detailing a specific aspect of the skill to be taught that day. The first lesson being safety and knowing your gun i.e what all the parts of the gun are called and do, together with a brief outline of other equipment you will be using. Over the following weeks you will be taught about setting up your equipment, position, how to hold your gun, sight picture, trigger control, breathing, sight adjustment, grouping, ammunition, gun care and maintenance, scoring, competitive shooting, rules of the sport, and our club structure. Each session is backed up with course notes that build over the duration of the course into a comprehensive guide to target shooting.

​During the B.T.S.C  course you will have either a coach or instructor by your side whenever you shoot.

Following completion of the course you will have all the necessary knowledge to be able to shoot safely in a very competitive sport and enjoy the continued support of the coaches, instructors and other club members. 

Bideford Target Shooting Club has all the equipment you will need to set you on your way to competitive target shooting.

​The course lasts for a total of 13 weeks and is effectively free of charge. The coaches and instructors make no charge for their time and effort. However, every club member pays a £ 3.00 range fee every time they visit the range to cover the costs of things like targets, electricity & the general day to day running of the club and as a trainee / probationary member you will be expected to do the same but by paying £39.00 as a lump sum up front. This is non refundable should you decide to discontinue the course once you have started it. The only other cost to you would be to purchase the ammunition you’ll use during the course. The average price of a box of 50 bullets suitable for training purposes is approximately £ 5.50. One box should last for about 2 or 3 sessions. All unspent ammunition will be tagged and stored in the club’s armoury!