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Health & Safety

Bideford Target Shooting Club operates a dual safety procedure at all times when shooting is in progress

The Duty Officer.

A duty officer is appointed on a rota basis. The duty officer will have complete control of the site as a whole and will be responsible for all aspects of the club's activities during their time as the duty officer. This includes opening and closing the range. Ammunition sales and registration of those sales together with the range register and safety of all those at the club.

The Range Conducting Officer (R.C.O)

The Range Conducting Officer has complete control over the range during any shooting detail.
No shooting can take place unless a qualified R.C.O. is in attendance.
No shooting can proceed until the R.C.O. gives the command to do so.
The R.C.O can stop shooting at any time as he or she sees fit.
Any person engaged in any shooting activity at B.T.S.C. must obey the R.C.O.

Inexperienced visitors to our club who will be engaging in shooting activities will be given a full briefing of the basic rules of safety and will be attended by a trained coach or instructor throughout their visit.

Probationary club members will be given full instruction regarding range, gun and ammunition safety at the very start of the club's comprehensive instruction course.

Experienced shooters visiting Bideford Target Shooting Club must at all times follow our club standards in safety procedures and at all times follow range officer commands.


Bideford Target Shooting Club is affiliated to its governing body The N.S.R.A. and is also a member of its local governing body The D.C.S.R.A The club has the appropriate certificates and insurances to cover its sporting activities.

Club officials, members, volunteers, parents / carers and visitors must understand their individual roles when attending the club and the responsibilities they are accountable for and what is expected of them. Bideford Target Shooting Club accepts no responsibility for personal loss or damage to equipment or vehicles. We accept no responsibility to injury or loss of life. However the club does have provision in place for the safeguarding and welfare of its members including the National Governing Body's (N.S.R.A.) child protection policy for any under 18's or vulnerable persons.


Safeguarding Statement 

Bideford Target Shooting Club is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults to participate in shooting activities on its premises.

We will:

Recognise that all people have the right to freedom from abuse.

Ensure that all volunteers are carefully selected and accept responsibility for helping to prevent the abuse of young people in their care.

Respond quickly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse, and providing parents, children, vulnerable adults and their carers with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have.

Appointing a safeguarding officer who will take specific responsibility for child and vulnerable adult safety and act as the main point of contact for parents, children, vulnerable adults, carers and outside agencies.

Ensuring access to confidential information is restricted to the safeguarding officer or the appropriate external authorities.

Reviewing the effectiveness of the safeguarding policy annually with reference to the guidance published by the national governing body, the N.S.R.A.

Our Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Linda Prior-Jolley and can be reached via


Bideford Target Shooting Club is committed to the conservation of the natural environment at its ranges at Melbury. Wherever and whenever possible the club will do all it can to enhance and maintain all the natural flora and fauna at the site. During construction work we will take all necessary steps possible to protect the environment and do all we can to enhance the area for the future.

Bideford Target Shooting Club owns the land at Melbury, which is approximately 1 mile from the village of Parkham in North Devon. The site was a former water treatment works owned by Southwest Water and backs on to the dam wall of Melbury Reservoir. Bideford Target Shooting Club purchased the site in November 2012. The site is bordered by woodland on two sides, Melbury Reservoir and open farmland. Upon purchase, the land had not been in use for a good number of years and together with the main stone barn building that will be converted into the club room in future, the land had a number of other buildings. A large water storage tank being the most prominent of the structures together with brick built pump house and other derelict buildings. The site at this stage was littered with debris from its time used by Southwest Water and our first task was to clear the site of as much of this as possible.

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