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Disabled Access & Facilities 

Bideford Target Shooting Club has been in a unique position to be able to build and offer full disabled access to the sport of target shooting. OK we're not quite there yet but we're building the facilities to do just that!


Being in the position to build new range and facilities we are very much in mind of the whole community and want to encourage and welcome everyone to our sport. It's not a physical sport by any stretch of the imagination, no running, jumping, throwing, punching, swimming or even much walking to be honest but the mental, physical and competitive challenges do exist allowing abled, disabled, women, men and juniors to compete completely on a level playing field and target shooting is possibly the only sport that can offer that, the blind or partially sighted people can also take part and beat fully sighted people in this sport, have we got your attention yet?


So far the club has built the outdoor range facilities and we are working hard to get funding for the indoor ranges and club room.


Already in place after phase 1 was completed.


Disabled parking bays on a hard standing area located adjacent to the main range doors.

Easy access to the main building.

Full access to the main outdoor range area.

Dedicated club members to place targets at all distances. The range is a grassed area so wheelchair access may be difficult during wet times!

Full disabled toilet facilities with alarm.

Instructors and Coaches.

Automatic target changers on the indoor airgun range.

Compressed air cylinders to charge air rifles on site.

Full and free access to all club equipment for the first 12 months.

Phase 2


The indoor ranges are in the planning stages but will have full disabled access once completed and it is our intention to have the facilities available for visually impaired shooters.

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