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Membership Details

The sport of target shooting promotes fair play and honesty among all that participate in the sport.  Membership of Bideford Target Shooting Club dictates that all members abide by these two simple but fundamental rules without compromise. 

Like most well run clubs Bideford Target Shooting Club has a set of rules and standards its members abide by. The rules of target shooting are set by the governing body known as the National Small-bore Rifle Association (N.S.R.A.) and these rules are adhered to by all clubs shooting in competitions. The rules and regulations set by the N.S.R.A. are followed by the smallest club through to international standard shooters. In addition to this each county has it's own association, ours being the Devon County Small-bore Rifle Association (D.C.S.R.A.)

Bideford Target Shooting Club has over 100 years of history within the sport. 100 years without incident or controversy and we intend to continue with that unblemished record. As a member of the club you will be expected to uphold this record and abide by the rules of the sport as set out by the I.S.S.F. Membership of the club is not easy to obtain we have safeguards in place to ensure undesirable people are not admitted. The club has a disciplinary process in place that applies to all members regardless of their status within the club, from President, Chairman, Committee member to the newest club member all are subject to our disciplinary process should the need arise.  

Brief rules of the club.

Upon joining each new member is given copies of the club's constitution and bye-laws, which can also be found in the members area of this website.

When shooting all members must abide by range officer commands.

Individual members are responsible for the safety of their own ammunition and gun at all times.

Members of the club are expected to fulfill all obligations they subscribe to. To shoot league and competition cards on time or request an extension in good time or nominate a substitute shooter within the rules of the given competition in good time.

Annual club subscriptions to be paid in full and on time.

Range fees, ammo, competition fees and kit rental are paid via monthly invoice.

Live ammunition may only be taken off the premises by registered firearms certificate holders.

Club owned equipment may only be removed from the club through a registration process.

Any member may approach the committee or an individual member of the committee  with suggestions or grievances at any time in the strictest confidence.

All members are expected to but not required to participate in extra club activities such as fund raising events and work details. Remuneration for your time and efforts can be rewarded with a token for a free range fee.

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