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Club Instructor wins the Reid Cup!

Lovely weather and a good entry for the Reid Cup yesterday, and some very good scoring. Full results are attached - congratulations to Mark Pomeroy on winning the trophy with Oliver Street runner-up, and in addition to Katie Johns who had best improvement in the air rifle bench rest discipline and Adie Pile top of the prone rifle.

The Cup was given to the Club in 2012 by Michael Coombs, with the specific request that the competition should be open to all disciplines and all abilities; so the system of percentage improvement was worked out to achieve this. In simple terms, this is the way it works. If, for example, a shooter has an average of 95, it’s clear that they could improve by 5 points to get the maximum possible score of 100; if in the competition they achieve an average of 96, they have improved by 1 point out of a possible 5 points, or 20%. So it’s very fair both across the disciplines and abilities.

(L-R) Adie Pile, Katie Johns. Mark Pomeroy & Oliver Street

Over the years, the Reid Cup has been won by prone rifle, air rifle bench rest, .22 bench rest and even “resting bench-rest” by an 8-year old shooter! Mark’s victory this year gets his name on the trophy for the second time – the first being in 2015 – and Oliver’s second place was the nearest an air pistol shooter has come to the top place.

Download this pdf to see the full results.

Reid Cup Results 2022
Download PDF • 124KB

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